COVID-19 Testing Clinic

COVID-19 Testing Clinic Questions and Answers

If you are having symptoms of COVID-19, get yourself tested at Broadway Family Clinic. For more information call us today or visit online to book an appointment. We treat patients from Pearland, TX and surrounding areas.

COVID-19 Testing Clinic Near Me in Pearland, TX
COVID-19 Testing Clinic Near Me in Pearland, TX

COVID-19 continues to be a global health problem over two years since it was first encountered; the testing clinics still play an important role in limiting the spread of the virus and putting an end to the pandemic. Fortunately, testing for COVID-19 is quick and easy and allows people to know if they are sick in only a few minutes.

What should you do if you have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 but have no symptoms?

If you have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 but you have no symptoms, you are still required to quarantine at home. Examples of close contacts include:

  • Being within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or longer over a 24-hour period (the 15 minutes does not have to occur consecutively but can occur spaced out)
  • Providing care at home to someone who has COVID-19, such as an elder or child
  • Having close physical contact with someone with the virus; includes touching, hugging, kissing
  • Sharing eating utensils or drinking glasses with someone who has an active infection; includes sharing straws, cutlery, cups, or dishes
  • Getting respiratory droplets on you from someone with COVID-19; can occur from being coughed or sneezed on
  • However, quarantining is not necessary for every situation, including if:
  • You have recovered from an active COVID-19 infection within the past 3 months, as long as no new symptoms develop
  • You have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 within the last 3 months and show no new symptoms of the disease

Do I need to be hospitalized if I have mild COVID-19 symptoms, or can I treat myself at home?

The vast majority of people with COVID-19 only experience mild symptoms and do not need to go to the hospital for treatment but will have a smooth recovery at home. However, in some cases of severe COVID-19, patients require professional medical attention to treat symptoms such as confusion or disorientation, significant difficulty breathing, or bluish discoloration in the lips or extremities. In the ER, providers can check patients’ vital signs and run diagnostic tests to see whether it is safe for them to return home or if they should stay in the hospital for a bit longer.

Fortunately, COVID-19 is not a serious disease and rarely results in severe complications; the risk of developing severe complications is higher in people who have a preexisting health condition, such as kidney failure, heart disease, or certain types of autoimmune disorders.

How do I book a COVID-19 test?

To book a COVID-19 test, call Broadway Family Clinic today. Our health clinic offers COVID-19 testing, making it easy to book a test so you can stay healthy. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 testing procedure, please call Broadway Family Clinic today.

Can I get COVID-19 testing near me?

Yes, you can! If you live in or around Pearland, TX, come to Broadway Family Clinic for COVID-19 testing. We serve patients from Arcola, Pasadena, Shadow Creek Ranch, Pomona, Southern Trail, Southlake, Fresno, Sienna Plantation, Rosharon, Pearland, Manvel, Missouri City, South Houston, Friendswood, Alvin, and Webster, TX.

Broadway Family Clinic is dedicated to providing you with all of your COVID-19 testing needs. Our medical professionals are experienced providers of COVID-19 tests and can help you protect your health. Call us today to book an appointment for a COVID-19 test at Broadway Family Clinic. We serve patients from Pearland TX, Shadow Creek Ranch TX, Southern Trail TX, Pomona TX, Southlake TX, Sienna Plantation TX, Fresno TX, Manvel TX, and Rosharon TX.