Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Therapy Clinic in Pearland, TX

At Broadway Family Clinic our professionals offer fall prevention therapy to reduce accidental falls. For more information, call us or book an online appointment. We serve patients from Pearland, TX and surrounding areas.

Fall Prevention Therapy Clinic Near Me in Pearland, TX
Fall Prevention Therapy Clinic Near Me in Pearland, TX

Table of Contents:

What does fall prevention mean?
What is fall prevention therapy?
What are fall prevention methods?
What are the guidelines for preventing falls?

Welcome to Broadway Family Clinic, a team of physicians dedicated to providing the community of Pearland, TX with high quality healthcare. We offer services including comprehensive physical examinations, geriatric care, women’s care, pediatric care, urgent care, and much more. Whether you’re in need of an annual check up or have come down with an illness, our team of specialists can help. One of our specialties for older adults is called fall prevention therapy. For further information about fall prevention therapy in Pearland, TX, please continue reading down below!

What does fall prevention mean?

Fall prevention involves the medical practice of helping reduce accidental falls. This is most often used for elderly patients and patients with chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, arthritis, limb amputation, or injuries of the spinal cord.
Factors that can contribute to the risk of falling includes:

– Changes in vision
– Certain medications
– Declining reflexes
– Dementia
– Vestibular problems
– Walking problems
– Balance problems
– Dim lighting and other hazards
– Orthopedic issues
– Positional low blood pressure
– Cognitive impairment
– Neurologic deficits

Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, nerve damage, or thyroid problems

What is fall prevention therapy?

Fall prevention therapy is a medical intervention used to prevent falls by increasing muscle strength through physical activity. Fall prevention programs typically include a combination of dynamic balance retraining, muscle strengthening, core strengthening, and flexibility activities. A multifaceted approach to reducing the risk of falling is optimal for effective results. This type of therapy requires long term support and physical therapy. The treatment length will be dependent on each patient’s unique situation.
The primary goals of fall prevention therapy treatments include:

– Fall prevention education
– Decreasing fall risk factors
– Building strength
– Retraining balance
– Implementing lifestyle changes
– Improving endurance
– Assessing physical activity levels
– Reviewing medications
– Regular hearing and vision testing

What are fall prevention methods?

The most effective fall prevention methods include:

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is the number one method used in fall prevention therapy. Strengthening weakening muscles not only restores balance, but also helps keep your ligaments, joints, and tendons flexible.

Vision and Hearing Tests
Vision and hearing problems are one of the biggest fall risk factors. Regular visits to your physician can prevent changes in sight and hearing from causing falls. Properly fitted hearing aids and glasses with the right prescription can reduce serious injury.

Understanding Medications
Those who take numerous medications are at a much higher risk for falling. Talk to your physician about the different medications you’re taking to assess your fall risk and make adjustments if necessary. 

Lifestyle Changes
Lifestyle changes like daily cleanings to remove tripping hazards, getting a sufficient amount of sleep, exercising daily, avoiding alcohol, and using an assistive device can help prevent falls.

What are the guidelines for preventing falls?

Fall prevention strategies for elderly patients involve four major guidelines:

Pain – When working with patients, ensure they are not experiencing any pain. Assess pain levels frequently and report any pain when needed.

Position – Make sure your patients have the orthotics and positioning devices to stay comfortable throughout the day and evening.

Placement – Your patient’s room should not have any tripping hazards and should have all important items within reach of their bed or chair.

Personal Needs – Help your patient with personal needs such as assisting with using the bathroom, grabbing essential items, eating, or moving around.

If you have any additional questions about our fall prevention therapy services at Broadway Family Clinic, please give our friendly front desk a call anytime during our business hours. Our team of physicians would love to answer any of your inquiries and schedule you in with one of our fall prevention experts. Improving balance and increasing strength in our geriatric patients can prevent serious injuries and complications. Avoiding unnecessary pain and surgeries is one way to help improve the quality of life of our lovely geriatric patients. If you or a loved one could benefit from fall prevention therapy, please visit Broadway Family Clinic soon! We serve patients from Pearland TX, Shadow Creek Ranch TX, Southern Trail TX, Pomona TX, Southlake TX, Sienna Plantation TX, Fresno TX, Manvel TX and Rosharon TX.