Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicians Questions and Answers

If you or someone you love needs a primary care physician, don’t hesitate to contact Broadway Family Clinic. Our professionals offer a wide range of primary care services in Pearland TX so you can live a healthy and happy life. For more information, call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

Primary Care Physicians Near Me in Pearland, TX
Primary Care Physicians Near Me in Pearland, TX

What primary care services do you offer?

Broadway Family Clinic offers a number of primary care services for patients of all ages, and our physicians are specialized in a number of areas, including family medicine, pediatric care, geriatric care, and preventive care. Our centered and focused care is also offered to both men and women of all ages and our goal is to offer patients high-value care to improve their overall health and well-being. Our primary care physicians are experienced in providing comprehensive care that ranges from minor to serious: flu, colds, bronchitis, allergic reactions, acute injuries and illnesses, and chronic conditions. At the heart of what we do involves preventive care, offering patients regular check-ups, screening, and immunization tests, and also offer counseling for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also, our team of doctors is here to help treat cancer, asthma, stroke, heart disease, and serious health problems. Additionally, patients also rely on us for chronic care needs, which include depression, cholesterol and blood pressure, and diabetes. And we offer urgent care for minor illnesses and injuries that require medical attention within 24 hours. Examples of urgent care include flu, fever, back problems, cough, skin rashes, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and sprains and strains.

What is the difference between primary care and family medicine?

Primary care involves all the services you received for your basic, everyday health needs, like in the treatment of pains, aches, and colds, and care for most diseases (except uncommon ones), counseling, and health promotion for your lifestyle goals. Primary care also involves doctors educating patients on the prevention of chronic diseases, like cutting back on sugar if you have pre-diabetes, or increasing your physical activity if you are at a greater risk for heart disease. If you need specialized care, primary care physicians may integrate your treatment with a specialist to ensure any additional care you need is properly coordinated across other doctors and the health system. Family medicine is one area of primary care available for your whole family – from newborns to seniors, of any age and gender. A family doctor helps treat all sorts of conditions from minor to chronic, and they also evaluate symptoms, offer preventive care, and let their patients know when they need to see a specialist. A family doctor also conducts routine check-ups, well-baby and child visits, immunizations, health risk assessments, screening tests, health and lifestyle counselinghelps, and treatment of common chronic conditions.

How often should you see us for primary care?

How often you should see us for primary care depends on your needs, and your doctor will advise on timelines. Overall, routine physical exams are recommended once a year for patients over the age of 50, and once every three years for patients younger than 50 and in good health. However, if you have a chronic disease or other ongoing health problems, you will need to see us more often, no matter how old you are.

Can my whole family be seen for primary care?

Yes – primary care is for the family and our team of doctors at Broadway Family Clinic help treat newborns, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Our doctors will help provide you with a clear picture of your overall health, and we are here for you when a sudden injury or illness happens. Our doctors provide comprehensive care, which means that they can address chronic, long-term conditions, like diabetes, and acute problems, including allergic reactions and bronchitis, and minor problems with colds and flu.

If you are in need of primary care, then we encourage you to contact us through our website to book an appointment. Same-day appointments are accepted and walk-ins are welcome. We serve patients from Pearland TX, Shadow Creek Ranch TX, Southern Trail TX, Pomona TX, Southlake TX, Sienna Plantation TX, Fresno TX, Manvel TX, and Rosharon TX.