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Urgent Care Questions and Answers

Broadway Family Clinic proudly serves the area of Pearland, TX! Our clinic is run by caring doctors, physicians, and expert technicians. Walk-ins are welcome. Please call us for more information or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Pearland TX, Shadow Creek Ranch TX, Southern Trail TX, Pomona TX, Southlake TX, Sienna Plantation TX, Fresno TX, Manvel TX and Rosharon TX.

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What illnesses can you diagnose?
What injuries can you treat?

A minor injury or illness can have a big impact on your day. You might struggle to get your work done or find your energy levels too drained to tackle important tasks. If you sustained an injury during a fall or a slip in the kitchen, the pain can distract you from other things that require your attention. If you have sustained an injury or contracted an illness, Broadway Family Clinic can help. We provide exceptional urgent care services at a convenient walk-in clinic, so you can see a doctor faster than ever before.

What illnesses can you diagnose?

At Broadway Family Clinic, we maintain an in-house laboratory that allows us to perform important screenings and tests onsite. We can provide you with detailed diagnosis of many different illness, which allows us to provide effective treatment options quickly. We can diagnose pneumonia, bronchitis, strep throat, flu, urinary tract infections, as well as sexually transmitted diseases. We also offer important cholesterol and blood glucose testing when necessary and can perform drug screenings. These tests provide your doctor with important information that allows them to streamline your diagnostic process and ensure you receive the answers you need faster than at a traditional doctor’s office.

What injuries can you treat?

By maintaining our own state-of-the-art digital equipment, we are able to provide you with the radiology services you need to receive an appropriate diagnosis for a wide range of injuries. We can provide stitching for minor lacerations, treatment for sprains or dislocated joints, as well, and care for minor fractures. An untreated injury, even if it seems minor at first, can worsen over time, leading to further complications. If you feel that something in your body is not right, it is always best to see an experienced physician who can appropriately asses and diagnose your injury, so you receive effective treatment that allows you to recover quickly and completely. If you have injured yourself, it is important to try to immobilize and rest the injured area while you await treatment from a qualified doctor in order to avoid further damage while you await professional assessment.

If you or a loved one live in or near Pearland TX and are looking for an experienced doctor who can provide you with the urgent care services you need, look no further than Broadway Family Clinic. We are conveniently located at 3129 Kingsley Drive, Suite 340 Pearland, Texas 77584. Call or visit us today and start feeling better now.